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Where can I send my questions? The adres for your questions is vmoo@vmoo.com. Other ways to ask for help are the emaillists. What do I need to built in (my) moo to support VMoo? The editor is available to every moo. (Type @edit-options +local to enable local editors from Moos). For the Userlist, Multimedia and Page windows you will need MCP/2.1 support and some packages.
Please visit our temporary MCP package page for more info.
How can I get new Icons for the Player List? You can find several new icon themes along with information how to install them at FF's VMoo Icon page. I get strange text line in my moo window.. How can I shut it off?
% <#$#* 32637243 d: <{#502, #5165, #600, #6387, #5034, #2910}
% <#$#dns-com-awns-status (pcDep text: "Type @c + to enter the chat channel"
You have accidently switched on the Mcp-Trace function in the File->Preferences dialog. Switch it of to hide these lines.
Ctrl+A doesn't work with 'Unix Keys' activated In the 'Unix Keys' mode VMoo emulates the keys ordinary used within TinyFugue. The keys Ctrl+A, Ctrl+E, Ctrl+N and Ctrl+P don't behave as specified in the menu's in this mode. Where is the VMoo Manual? Sorry, the VMoo wiki is gone, after some abusing incidents.

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